What You Need To Know Before Moving to Wolfville Nova Scotia

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Considering a move to Wolfville Nova Scotia? Here are a few things you need to know before moving.


Take exit 10 off the highway, down the winding road between the hills flooded with the grape vines of the thriving wine industry. Passing by the beauty of the Grand Pré-National Historic site with the refreshing smell of salt water off the Bay of Fundy, you’ll find yourself in the lovely town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia. A town where you can explore various shops finding unique gifts and items or enjoy a leisurely stroll with your neighbours who you’ve inevitably gotten to know through your mutual interests or casual chats in the yard. Wolfville is a comfortable, friendly town anyone would be lucky to relocate to.

Situated in the North Western portion of Nova Scotia, along the shores of the Minas Basin, in the Bay of Fundy, separated from the Minas Basin by agricultural dykes built by Acadians in the 17th century. Wolfville is home to the world’s highest tides and experiences the Bay of Fundy’s record setting tides each day as water comes and goes from the world’s smallest harbour.

A town where you are likely to meet a new friend or come across a familiar face. Enjoy your days exploring the downtown portion of Wolfville, long acclaimed as a bustling gathering place. It has a vibrant nightlife speckled with live music, pubs, patios and bars. International cuisine, charming cafes, quaint parks, trails and unique shops complete the walkable town.

As Mary Mossman recited in a poem written February 2020 in the local paper, The Grapevine “Wolfville, you now know I love you most of all for your people, not only the individuals mentioned above, my neighbours and friends, but the vast majority of persons I encounter every day. In Wolfville, chances are Mayor Cantwell will answer his own phone at the Town Hall, and for certain, when you fall down, someone will help you stand up. I love you, Wolfville.”

Wolfville, a place where the concept of community is strong. The town is a wonderful mix of youthful energy, the passionate embrace of community and all it stands for, and appreciation for the honest and down-to-earth enjoyment of life. Wolfville is home to a special kind of creative energy. Feel it for yourself in the film, theatre, culinary, music, lecture, and family events you can attend and participate in throughout the year.



Incorporated as a Town in 1893, Wolfville was originally settled by the Acadians who were expelled by British forces in 1755. The area was resettled by New England planters who arrived in 1760. Originally named Mud Creek, the town’s name was changed in 1830 – wisely, we’d suggest – when two granddaughters of Judge Elisha DeWolfe convinced their postmaster uncle, Elisha Junior, that a more suitable name was needed. With about half of the homeowners on the main road being DeWolfe’s or DeWolfe by family connection, the name Wolfville was an obvious and poetic choice.

Take a walking tour of the heritage homes, visit the Randall House Museum, stroll through the old burying grounds, or view the dykes built by the French in the 1600’s. East of town, you can explore the Grand-Pré National Historic Site which documents the 1755 expulsion of the Acadians – made famous in Longfellow’s poem Evangeline. Stop in Hortonville and see the iron cross which stands in memorial to the Acadians, and see the monument, which marks the landing site of the Planters.




Wolfville is a town for your entire family to succeed. Great academic institutions for students of all ages and an economy where a variety of occupations can thrive.

“Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley Region is home to the Landscape, Location and Labour force that has helped residents and businesses thrive for centuries.” Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley Region is home to the Landscape, Location and Labour force that has helped residents and busi


A small town filled with passion. A place where creativity thrives, and individuals come together to generate solutions and new ideas. Wolfville is a place where your passion can become reality. There are multiple shops, restaurants, wineries, that began as a dream for solo entrepreneurs such as The Market General Store where a university student purchased the shop from the original owners after 43 years to make it their own. https://grapevinepublishing.ca/8150/featurepreneur-to-market-to-market or Lightfoot and Wolfville, a beautiful winery with a name that goes back eight generations in Wolfville https://lightfootandwolfville.com/.

“In 2002, Harrowsmith Country Life Magazine voted Wolfville “one of the best towns in which to live in Canada”. Anyone who has or does live here knows exactly why, and would agree whole-heartedly. With a thriving cultural centre, warm sense of caring community, progressive sense of sustainability, and strong municipal backbone, Wolfville just might be the perfect place to live. And we’re always looking for ways to make the Town an even more rewarding place to live for students, residents, and their families.” https://wolfville.ca/living-in-wolfville.html

Whether you are interested in being a valuable member of the tourism industry, pursuing an entrepreneurial dream, being a part of the Acadia University team, beginning something entirely new, etc. Wolfville is a place where you can thrive and receive support from a community.


The Town of Wolfville is proud to be the home of reputable organizations that provide learning to residents and non-residents, and to be close to other major Annapolis Valley learning institutions. Home to Acadia University, ranked number one undergraduate university in Nova Scotia. Landmark East School, Canada’s only day and boarding school for students with learning differences. Home to Wolfville Elementary School and a short 5-6 kilometres to Horton High School you will not be lacking access to your children’s educational needs.



Each year, the Annapolis Valley Music Festival is held at Acadia Campus, where musicians, local school bands and choirs from across the valley compete. Two popular annual arts festivals, the Deep Roots Music Festival are held in September and Devour! The Food Film Fest in late October. Wolfville has a popular farmers market located in a former apple packing warehouse on Wednesdays and Saturdays, an opportunity for both local entrepreneurs and community members to benefit alike. Located right outside of the doors the local Farmers Market is the Front Street Community Oven, a place for you to bring your own ingredients and make a wood fire pizza after visiting the Wolfville Farmers Market on Saturday or to book with a group for a enjoyable outdoor evening or an event.


There is plenty to enjoy in Wolfville and surrounding areas. Hop on the British double decker, Magic Winery Bus through the beautiful Annapolis valley. Take a short drive to Cape Split Provincial Park or Blomidon Provincial Park to hike and enjoy views you will only experience in the Annapolis Valley. Head back to town and choose from one of the delicious restaurants, then enjoy a peaceful evening at home or walk to your next destination and get to know your friendly server at the pub.


What to do?

– Deep Roots Music Festival https://deeprootsmusic.ca/

– Devour! The Food and Film Fest https://devourfest.com/

– Wolfville Farmers Market https://www.wolfvillefarmersmarket.ca/

– Front Street Community Oven http://frontstreetoven.ca/

– Magic Winery Bus https://magicwinerybus.ca/

– Blomidon Provincial Park https://parks.novascotia.ca/content/blomidon

– Grand Pre National Historic Site https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/lhn-nhs/ns/grandpre


Where to eat?

– Library Pub http://thelibrarypub.ca/

– The Church Brewing Co. https://churchbrewing.ca/

– The Port Pub & Bistro https://www.theportpub.com/

– Luckett Vineyards https://www.luckettvineyards.com/

– Lightfoot and Wolfville https://lightfootandwolfville.com/


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