The Incredible Immune Boosting Kombucha

Kombucha has long been known in health circles for its immune-boosting benefits. Kombucha’s gain in popularity in the last few years is becoming more and more evident on store shelves and in pubs especially here in Nova Scotia.

Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea drink. Fermented foods have long been in our diets and cultures for centuries, such as miso of Japan, kimchi of Korea and sauerkraut of Germany. Kombucha is believed to have been brewed for more than 2000 years originating in China.

Locally Made

One local Nova Scotia company Dr. Kombu Brewing Co. led the surg

e in the Kombucha popularity when they started producing Sòlas Kombucha in early 2017 out of a restored barn on a fruit farm outside New Ross. Owners Gabrielle Pope, Clare Rivard, and Dominic Rivard all transitioned from the wine and cider industry, and through their mutual love of kombucha, together they sought to take on a new challenge of sharing the health benefits of kombucha to the masses of the Maritimes.

Educating the public about what kombucha was and its health benefits were the first task with getting their business off the ground. The second task was getting the public to recognize Sòlas Kombucha as a locally-created product. The demand for local kombucha is such that by mid-2019 grew to the point where Sòlas Kombucha production had to be moved to a larger brewing facility in Windsor, Nova Scotia.

Health Benefits

As a fermented tea drink, kombucha is filled with healthy living bacteria which is excellent for digestion. Gut bacteria is something that needs replenishing daily and with two-thirds of our immune system residing in our gut, kombucha is believed to help boost our immune system. Some of the kombucha’s reported health benefits are supports healthy liver function, fights inflammation, preventative for all forms of arthritis, aids digestion and gut health, immune system boosting, cleansing and detoxifying, increases energy, and helps maintain low cholesterol levels

Sòlas Kombucha’s base is organic black tea containing a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). Using traditional methods, the tea and SCOBY are “fed” organic cane sugar, and fermentation occurs, resulting in a low-pH, naturally sparkling, high-probiotic beverage!

Though human studies are limited, lab testing has shown positive results in cancer cell growth, liver function, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and weight loss. Kombucha enthusiasts and advocates cite seeing improvements in ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, arthritis, skin issues,

8 Varieties to Choose From

Dr. Kombu Brewing Co. has 8 varieties in their repertoire, with one being brewed just seasonally. To the kombucha base, Dr. Kombu Brewing Co. adds their elements developed for flavors and their individual health benefits. Maca root is added for energy in their “Rosé” flavor along with rose petals and fresh strawberries. Blueberries are used for antioxidant properties which are the main ingredient in their “Bliss” flavor. Dulse added for iodine which can be found in the flavor called “Pulse”. Ginger and hibiscus have anti-inflammatory properties, with ginger being be found in the “Clarity” flavor. “Peach Blossom’s” lists cardamom as an ingredient that helps in with digestion. Their flavor named “Dream” contains lavender and lemon to aid in anti-inflammation.

Solas Kombucha varieties

Available Near You

Dr. Kombu Brewing Co. prides themselves on using local fruits, botanicals wherever possible. Sòlas Kombucha can now be local grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and cafes. It can also be found in local pubs and cideries across Nova Scotia for patrons who are looking for a local product, non-alcoholic as a healthy alternative to fountain pop. Many of these local businesses, have the kombucha available in growlers to take home and enjoy.

These entrepreneurial owners of Dr. Kombu Brewing Company are always experimenting with new flavors and products. They are even partnering with Chain Yard Urban Cidery to produce a kombucha cider. They also are sharing their kombucha methods in classes that they have taught at NSCC and local schools.

People are taking more responsibility for their own health and well being, especially in these trying times. With the vast range of health benefits kombucha has been toted to have and with the delicious flavors created with the Sòlas Kombucha brand, it may best no better time to give kombucha a try.

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