What Will It Cost To Sell My House?

~ Many fix ups can be done for free. Decluttering and improving curbside can be accomplished with some personal (free) effort. Decluttering is a lot of work but is one of the best things you can do to sell your house fast. It also helps getting you organized to move. Curbside appeal can be improved free of charge by trimming back bushes, transplanting and subdividing existing plants.

~ Ask a Realtor or two to come view your property to give you some ideas as to where you should focus your efforts to get your property ready to sell. Most will, at no cost, also give your property a market value. A Realtors know what the average buyer is looking for, and appealing to the greatest number of buyers is when you get the highest price for your property. An experienced Realtor can prioritize the fix ups from what will give you the biggest return on investment.

~ Commission payable to listing brokerage upon a successful closing. 4-6% on residential properties or a sometimes a flat rate on land sale + hst. For sale by Owner companies often want payment upfront and offer different service packages.

~ Check with your mortgage broker to ask about any penalties that you may incur if you payout your mortgage amount early or prior to the term being up. Sometimes a financial institution may waive such penalties if you are taking out a mortgage on a new property.

~ The price you list your property at is directly proportionate with how long it will take to sell. If you price the property 10% over what the market is dictating what it should be priced at it will take 3 months to sell or if priced 20% over, then it will take 6-8 months to sell. You may need to factor in additional mortgage payments if you want to overprice your property.