Using the MLS

Interested in getting more exposure for your Multiple Listing Service sale? Using the MLS properly helps your property get discovered and helps you get the top sale price.

Using the MLS Accurately

Customers and other agents use the MLS to search for locations, features, and particular properties. Therefore, certain information in MLS listings is required and must be complete. Inaccurate information will prevent properties from being found. It is important to know how to search for information and how buyers search for property. However, the MLS is only useful if the information it receives is accurate.

Accuracy is vital not only to the MLS listing details but because this information will be in your listing agreement. The real estate association’s listing addendums include information from the MLS and it becomes part of your listing agreement.

An experienced REALTOR® helps with the agreements, gathering correct information, and we know how to use MLS to best promote your property.

Searchable Content

Writing a clear and inviting property description helps buyers appreciate your property and gets results. It’s in your best interest to hire a REALTOR® whwo knows how to draft a quality description in the limited space available. Since information on the property listing is searchable, they will include keywords home buyers use when searching for property.

All descriptions and remarks should include keywords that buyers and agents may use to search for properties. If the keyword is in the write-up, the property will show in the user’s search results.

Upload Media

But writing about a property isn’t enough for most buyers to take the next step. Most homebuyers search for properties before contacting an agent, and usually, they have to like what they see. Therefore, the property listing should include the maximum number of photos (31) and videos (2). Failing to do so can cause the buyer to move on to a property if it doesn’t look like yours checks all their boxes.

Often listings feature plenty of inside photographs and a few exterior shots. As a REALTOR®, I often get requests for exterior photos and outbuildings on other agents’ properties. Buyers want to get a sense of the surrounding area and the relative placement of the property’s house and buildings.

Inevitably, buyers will view the property and discover things that weren’t visible in the listing. They may find the property is too close to neighbors, or they don’t like the layout of the lot. Buyers today are much more concerned about these features than seeing 3 or 4 pictures of a bedroom or a close-up of a fixture.

Using the MLS

The MLS is the best resource for all parties in a transaction. It is the primary tool used by REALTORs® and gives the most complete and accurate information on a listing. However, with so many third-party home search websites available, buyers often receive incorrect information. It’s important for people to know that these websites get their information from the MLS, and sometimes the data upload can take days.

As to be expected, REALTORs® get many inquiries about properties found on these other sites only to discover they have already sold or the information is inaccurate. These other websites do not have current listing information since they have to wait to upload MLS details to their servers. This often leads to frustrated sellers, buyers, and agents.

Therefore, buyers will get the fastest and most accurate information by using the MLS on

Final Thoughts

To help promote your listing, spread the word that buyers can find your property on the MLS. Follow up with your listing agent and inquire about the number of views on your MLS listing. Discuss how you can work together to maximize what the MLS can do for your listing. Finally, it is imperative that if you see something incorrect on your listing, address it immediately so your property shines.