Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Selling your home in the winter and don’t know what steps to take for preparation? This article has the best tips for property prep before selling your home during the snowy season!

1- Beware of too much Holiday decor-As it is completely unrealistic for a buyer to think there wont be a hint of holiday spirit while house hunting in the winter months, it is good to keep decor to a modern minimum. You want your decor to be warm and inviting, with a slight festive feel.

2- Small Home Maintenance for winter months- In the winter buyers will be sure to look at the small things that go into heating the house efficiently. Having your furnace, boiler or wood heating system maintained, chimney inspection and sealing up drafty windows are some crucial things to have done and things that potential buyers will look for in winter months.

3- Exterior Maintenance – In the winter it is easy for exteriors of homes to look very drab, messy, and be potentially unsafe for viewers. Proper snow removal and salting is important to do to the driveway and entrances to the home or any out building. This will give the realtor and potential buyers easier access to the home and also make it safer.

4- Show Buyer What Home Looks Like In Other Months- To give potential buyers an idea of what to expect of your property during the winter months, a nice touch is to add an album of your home during warmer seasons for buyers to browse on viewings or to include with the original listing. Now is the time for you to showcase your homes curb appeal and special features that you cant do in the winter months!

As it isn’t impossible, its definitely more of a challenge to selling your home during the winter. Failing to prepare for the upcoming winter months will make or break your sell. You want to keep your home warm, cozy and accessible.

For more tips and potential grants, check out NS Govt. Efficiency NS website.