Selling on the MLS

Do you know how to get the most out of selling your home on the MLS? Below are some seller tips for and the three major aspects of this real estate platform. Effectively promoting your home helps you get the top sale price and get it seen by active buyers.

About Me

As a licensed REALTOR®, I am also an educator, researcher, and problem-solver. For the past 17 years, I’ve built a solid reputation connecting home buyers and sellers in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. I have crafted countless property descriptions, all with targeted keywords geared to attract buyers and sell your home on the Multiple Listing Service in Canada.

Seller Tip #1: Be Thorough and Accurate

The first thing sellers need to understand about selling on the MLS is that the information provided is only useful if it is current and correct. A REALTOR® gathers details about your property and enters it into the local real estate association’s listing addendums. That information forms part of your listing agreement.

The MLS requires several details:

  • Location
  • Lot size
  • Living area
  • Style of home

It is important to know what buyers are searching for on the MLS and how to upload information in different ways in order to get in front of the greatest number of buyers. It is imperative that you accurately upload your property because customers and other agents will search the MLS listings for certain areas, particular properties, and a range of other criteria. So, properly entering the property increases the chance that yours will show up in the results.

Pro Tip:

The best resource to use when selling on the MLS is to use an experienced REALTOR®. Licensed REALTORs® can quickly navigate the MLS listings by using all the tools and features of the program, and can easily find and fix information as needed.

Seller Tip #2: Be Descriptive and Inviting

The second aspect of MLS that home sellers should know about MLS is that listing remarks and property write-ups are searchable. The public or realtors themselves can use keywords in the writeup and when a buyer or realtor searches for them, the seller’s property will show up.

It is important to have a realtor that can compose an engaging property description as well as anticipate the information home buyers will use to search for property. The realtor can include those keywords in the write-up and reach more buyers through strategic marketing.

Pro Tip: 

For inspiration, read property descriptions from others selling on the MLS. Use a thesaurus to see if there are better descriptive words before composing your description. Think about what words you would use to find a home like the one you are selling. These will all help as you write your description.

Seller Tip #3: Use Digital Media on the MLS

The third aspect that home sellers need to be aware of is digital media. Each listing on the MLS can have 31 photos and 2 videos to show the property online. Too often, listing agents do not upload the maximum number of videos and photos, and if a buyer doesn’t have a full vision of the property, they may choose to skip it.

With home buyers doing most property research before contacting an agent, it is imperative to have complete and accurate information available to the Buyers. Otherwise, they may move on to a property that checks all their boxes.

Not only do some realtors not include enough photos, but they do not include photos that buyers are truly interested in. For example, my clients often ask if I can get more exterior photos and outbuildings on other agents’ listings.

Pro Tip: 

In addition, buyers want to get a sense of the surrounding area and the relative placement of the home and buildings. Some listings don’t show the yard space or give an accurate representation of the layout of the property. Often the buyer goes to view the property but only to discover it is too close to neighbors for their comfort, or they simply don’t like the land.

Today’s buyers are much more concerned about these aspects than 3 or 4 pictures of a bedroom or a close of a fixture.

Selling on the MLS

There are countless property search websites, and they promote themselves as the “go-to” source for listings. Buyers frequently visit these sites but don’t realize they are third-party platforms that get their information from the MLS in Canada. Therefore, information on these sites may be inaccurate, as they have to upload the data on their servers.

Pro Tip:

REALTORs® receive many inquiries about properties from third-party sites. We often find that many have already sold, have a different selling price, or there is a discrepancy in the property details. Because of this, buyers become frustrated and lose faith in the system. To be on the safe side, contact a REALTOR so they can give you accurate information on the property, its features, and the correct purchase price.

Using the MLS

The Canadian Real Estate Association oversees the Multiple Listing Service, where licensed brokerages can upload listings for sale directly on This MLS system is where buyers will get the fastest and most accurate information about properties for sale in Canada.