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 “5 Regrets you May have About Moving to Nova Scotia”

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life, and moving to a place that might be completely unfamiliar to you can make it so much worse; so, to make it a little less stressful, I have compiled a guide of the pros and cons of living in Nova Scotia, including some that you might not have even idea about, to enable you to comprehend what it involves and settle on the correct decision.

  1. The assessments paid by Nova Scotia residents are the highest in Canada.
  2. Public transport, though good, is not as extensive. A vehicle is an absolute necessity on the off chance that you need to go around the region.
  3. There aren’t as many shops in the capital city of Halifax as compared to other cities.
  4. Halifax isn’t all around associated via air, and you will need to fly through Toronto every time you travel to India.
  5. Tough Job Market: Unfortunately, one of the most well-known complaints from people living in the province is that it tends to be truly difficult to find a steady line of work. Seasonal work is often available, and during the summer you can quite easily find a job that pays well for a few months, yet getting a consistent line of work isn’t precisely so natural. Because of the smaller population, jobs don’t become available that often, there isn’t a huge demand for work, and you can find yourself struggling a little even in one of the bigger cities.

The kind of jobs that are there are also not suitable for everyone; often, construction work is needed, or given how many fishing towns there are, fishers and boat operators are required. On the off chance that you are not genuinely sufficient for construction work (as not many people are, it is a tough job), or have no expertise in the fishing industry, this can add to the dissatisfaction of attempting to locate a lasting through the year work.


                                5 “regrets” but they are positives to most people

  1. The infrastructure is comparable to the best in the world. Roadways and other forms of transport make daily commuting a pleasurable experience.
  2. There are many places for spending quality time with your family such as parks, trails, outdoor picnic areas etc.
  3. Halifax in Nova Scotia is a great place to experience different cultures through festivals and music concerts. The region has individuals from various nations meeting up, which make it different and amicable. You can discover food from practically all cooking styles here.
  4. Skilled workers with a specialty profession, who arrive after NOVA SCOTIA PNP can expect to get paid very well as these jobs are high in demand.
  5. The cost of housing is cheaper than in other provinces; making it easier to own a house in the province and you can appreciate quality medical care just as free government-funded instruction when living with your family. However, the province has an old-world charm and slow pace of life that can be very relaxing and without the stress of modern life. On the off chance that you are searching for a tranquil spot to settle, at that point this is the ideal choice for you.





Moving from one place to another is a big step, after all this is going to be your new home. You’ve spent so much time here, from rounding up all of your friends to help move your furniture, meeting your neighbours to watching your children grow up – how do you make sure your next home will measure up? While the unfamiliarity with a new home can make moving nerve wracking it’s also exciting, an opportunity to make new memories.


It’s important to research the area before making a decision. So what makes a new community appealing, specifically a retirement community? Socialization, access to important care options, entertainment, a support system, and amenities that fit your lifestyle are important. Continuing to have your new neighbours visit, your grandchildren learn how to ride their bikes while often downsizing and assured access to your needs need to be considered when making a move.

What are your experiences with retirement communities and activities available in the surrounding areas? What have you enjoyed the most? What do you think would be a good idea? What have you done that wasn’t mentioned that you’d like to share with others?


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