Natural Health Clinic in the Heart of Kentville-The Healing Station

More and more people are taking their health into their own hands and being proactive with their wellbeing. There is a new business in Kentville where you can get multiple modalities all in one spot. One stop shopping so to speak.

The Healing Station is located in what used to be known as the Cornwallis Inn, but recently rebranded as the Main Street Station. Years ago, the building was bought and renovated by the Dominion Atlantic Railway company to encourage more passenger’s business, so it has had a long history of bringing people together from various crossroads for different reasons.

In the Beginning

The Healing Station logo design pays homage to the transit system of the UK where Sharon Conroy hails from. The Healing Station’s motivational and inspirational tagline is #yesyoucan, because it answers the most common questions these practitioners hear; Can I ever feel better? Can I take charge of my own wellbeing?

At The Healing Station, there are now 6 practitioners who have come together to offer a range of natural well-being healing services. This group includes naturopathic doctor Amy Florian, acupuncturist Sharon Conroy, and registered massage therapists Andrea MacDonald, Tamarah D’Entremont, and Bethany Hayes and most recently added to the team, osteopath Jessica Smith to round out their full-service natural healing and wellness clinic.

The Practitioners

Naturopathic doctor Amy Florian came to naturopathic field from a bio-chemistry background. Amy does not focus on symptoms a patient may be having but analyses the whole body in order to get to the root of the patients’ issues. Dr. Amy then provides natural health solutions.

Starting her career path of wellbeing care over 20 years ago, Acupuncturist Sharon Conroy, In New Zealand she completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Acupuncture as well as a diploma in Tuina, a Chinese medical massage. Sharon tailors each treatment to individual clients through body system assessments.

Andrea MacDonald, Tamarah D’Entremont and Bethany Hayes are the Registered Massage Therapist practitioners at The Healing Station, who can provide services from relaxation massage to deep tissue massage.

Andrea has training specific to in deep tissue therapy, trigger point relief and fascial restrictions.

Tamarah is trained in deep tissue therapeutic treatment and can focus on stress relieving relaxation therapies including cupping therapy.

Bethany deep tissue training has allowed her to hone her skills to alleviating postural pain as well as TMJ pain and chronic migraines. She also has special focus on pregnancy massage.

Jessica Smith is a manual Osteopath and the newest member of The Healing Station team. Osteopathic treatments are based on assessing and treating the body as a whole, with the understanding and knowledge that the different systems; bones, organs, nerves, muscles, of the body are interconnected.

The Healing Station Kentville

Left to Right: Bethany Hayes, Jessica Smith, Sharon Conroy, Amy Florian, Tamarah D’Entremont, Andrea MacDonald

Working Together

This group of practitioners’ have combined experience and international training of over 50 years. They have either worked with each other or used each other’s services in the past, so they are very familiar with each other’s skillsets and abilities.

This makes a beneficial environment for their patients because if one of the practitioners feels their client’s treatment would be further advanced by adding or switching to another modality, then the practitioner can confidently refer the patient off to a colleague right in the same building.

Each practitioner is an individual business owner within the clinic, and each takes care of their own booking and billing. Booking can be done easily through

Since the COVID 19 pandemic hit, The Healing Station were able to get COVID 19 procedures in place fairly quickly so that they could continue caring for their clients. RMT Andrea MacDonald says, “Our clients have been very co-operative, because they are willing to do whatever was necessary to continue with their treatments”.

With access to medical services being cut back since the beginning of the pandemic, the public trend appears to be that people are taking responsibility to become less reliant of health care system and pharmaceuticals.

Especially now these practitioners are seeing that with the high level of stress people are under, regular medical services being cut back and self-isolation being the new norm, the public is becoming more proactive with self-care and well-being.

The Healing Station is open and ready to support those looking to take back control of their health and start living their life with the best version of themselves.