Home Buying Report for Q1 2022 in Halifax and Nova Scotia

Wondering what does it cost to buy a house in Nova Scotia these days? Wondering if the housing deals are over?


Here is a breakdown of current home prices in different regions of Nova Scotia. Where they are priced the lowest, where the competition of lowest, and where there is more inventory than sales, so you will get zero in on a property and start living your best life here in Nova Scotia


MLS areas of Nova Scotia


There are 7 regions defined in MLS for Nova Scotia where listings get uploaded to. This is the largest in Halifax Dartmouth. Next is the Annapolis Valley which runs down the bad funding side of Nova Scotia. The South Shore region runs from the Halifax region South along the Atlantic Coast.


The Northern region is north towards PEI and the New Brunswick border and then there is the Cape Breton region.


There is also the Highland region which is north of Halifax up to Cape Breton which also overlaps Cape Breton depending on where the agent uploads it to. There is also the Yarmouth region which is a small section at the southern end of Nova Scotia that is overlapped by both the valley and so shore regions.


In Review


This report will review the number of active listings for each area as well as the median sold price and let you know if that sold price was under or over the list prices.


Most people know how the average price is calculated. But I also like to include the median price because that truly shows the property price that is in the exact middle of the pack whereas the average price figure can be swayed by extreme high prices-price properties.  




South Shore Region

South Shore listings


The South Shore region encompasses Hubbards down to Barrington Passage. The South Shore market doesn’t usually match up with the rest of Nova Scotia. This is mainly due to its scenic beauty and ocean shorelines appealing to mostly seasonal buyers. Employment and tourism are seasonal as well. The main economic center is Bridgewater, with the main employment sectors being fishing, forestry, and the Michelin Tire plant. More info about Chester, NS


The median sale price here is 272,000. There are currently 161 active listings


South Shore Region               Active Listings

Number 161
Average $684, 327
Median $385,000
Lowest $59,900
Highest $12,100,000


South Shore Region              Sold- Closed 60 Days

Number 147
Average $356,490 $9,000 under ask
Median $272,000 $3,000 under ask
Lowest $50,000
Highest $3,370,000





Annapolis Valley Region




The Annapolis Valley region is mostly along the Bay of Fundy, from Mount Uniacke down to Yarmouth. The valley region has a greater population density and therefore has more towns and year-round employment than the South Shore. To the population and size of the region, the Annapolis valley currently has a higher density of inventory as well.


Approximately 50% of Annapolis valley homes are still selling over ask but at a more reasonable $18 -22,000 on average with the median sale price being 350,000. There are currently 213 active listings.


Annapolis Valley                     Active Listings

Number 213
Average $492,804
Median $350,000
Lowest $35,000
Highest $4,995,000




Annapolis Valley.                    Sold-  Firm 60 Days

Number 246
Average $374,953 $22,000 over ask
Median $350,500 $18,000 over ask
Lowest $37,800
Highest $1,360,000


Northern Region

Active listings northern region


The Northern region includes Truro, Pictou, and Amherst. This region is a natural stopping place as an intersection heading to Moncton, PEI, Cape Breton, or Halifax. Lower prices in this area have made this area have some of the highest numbers of units sold in the past 60 days outside of Halifax.


It currently has 164 active listings with a median sale price of $232,600.


Northern Region            Active Listings

Number 164
Average $436,046
Median $329,900
Lowest $69,900
Highest $2,599,000



Northern Region.           Sold- Firm 60 Days

Number 287
Average $265,556 $3,129 over ask
Median $232,600 $7,600 over ask
Lowest $27,000
Highest $900,000




Cape Breton Region

Active Cape Breton Listings


Cape Breton is approximately five hours from Halifax and is a popular tourist destination. Sydney is its main town and port, where there are government offices, hospitals, and hotels.


The remainder is fairly rural, doted by tourist stops, and fishing villages. Visitors go for the highland national park, skyline trial, and world-class golf. Population density and remoteness are factors in these numbers.


This region has the lowest median sold listing at $170,000 and just 76 active listings.


Cape Breton.                 Active Listings

Number 76
Average $416,985
Median $319,450
Lowest $37,500
Highest $1,800,000



Cape Breton Region      Sold- Closed 60 Days

Number 98
Average $191,444 $908 under ask
Median $170,000 $1,000 over ask
Lowest $24,000
Highest $680,000


Highland Region

Active listings Highland region


The highland region has some overlap with Cape Breton, northern and Halifax/Dartmouth, but it is worth noting the University town of Antigonish and some Atlantic coastline could be impacting the median sold price here of $193, 500, with just 119 active listings.



Highland Region         Active Listings

Number 119
Average $452,073
Median $329,918
Lowest $74,000
Highest $3,200,000



Highland Region.          Sold- Closed 60 Days

Number 48
Average $246,541 $14,038 under ask
Median $193,500 $5,000 under ask
Lowest $43,000
Highest $875,000

Yarmouth Region

Active Yarmouth listings


The Yarmouth region as designated by our NS Real Estate Association is fair, small, and does overlap both the south shore and Annapolis Valley, depending on how it is uploaded to MLS.

There is the Ferry to main that runs out of Yarmouth and as well a nursing training hospital has recently been designated.


Home prices have typically been lower and inventory higher in this region due to the location being outside the 2 hr drive time from Halifax has seen a surge, but those have also been factors in the increased number of sales, mostly from out of province buyers who are retiring or able to work from home.


The median home sale price from the last 60 days is $315,000 which was on average $71,000 over the list price.


Yarmouth.                      Active Listings

Number 51
Average $381,413
Median $319,900
Lowest $70,000
Highest $1,100,000



Yarmouth Region.          Sold- Closed 60 Days

Number 35
Average $211,520 $48,000 under ask
Median $315,000 $71,000 over ask
Lowest $69,000
Highest $475,000

Halifax Region

Active Halifax listings


The last region to review is Halifax, Dartmouth. With its population of 440,000, has been impacted the most by the Seller’s market. Approximately, ¾ of the listings go for over asking, and on average 22-26%.


The average over the amount on the median sold prices from the last 60days was $111,500 over the ask of the 879 sold. There are currently only 232 active listings.



Halifax/Dartmouth          Active Listings

Number 232
Average $804,842
Median $599,900
Lowest $119,900
Highest $6,750,000



Halifax/Dartmouth.       Sold- Firm 60 Days

Number 879
Average $583,875 $92,863 over ask
Median $536,500 $111,500 over ask
Lowest $39,000
Highest $4,500,000



In Summary


The regions where the properties are currently priced closest to what they are selling for are in second place, the Halifax/Dartmouth regions where the median sold price is within $60,000 of the median price for active listings.


The Annapolis Valley is the top region, where those median prices are within $500.00 of each other.  These are the two busiest regions of Nova Scotia, so there is more data on sold prices available to more accurately set list prices.


When buying in Nova Scotia, a buyer can always ask their agent for recent comparable sold properties to the one you are interested in and as well ask for data on what percentage properties are selling for over asking and by what percentage.




In the end, Buyers need to go with their gut as to what dollar value property is worth to them. There is a dollar figure that will be too high for a buyer to still feel positive and joy from the purchase.


*Data compiled from MLS as of March 29th, 2022.