Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

There are many opinions about using dark paint colours. In your home. Many sides for pros and cons, but if done properly with these tips in mind, then you can turn the cons into pros when considering going dark the next time you paint.


Opinions Expressed Here

(NOTE: These are the expressed opinions of a licensed REALTOR® and said REALTOR® is of the opinion as to what will get a home owner the best re sale value.)


The usually thought behind using a dark colour in a room is to give the optical illusion of a larger space. The key to this project though is to paint the wall opposite the entry, or paint the tallest wall. This will give a tunnel, lengthening effect to your room.


Change the Feeling

A dark colour can change the feel of a room, whether you want an to give an element of coziness by wrapping the habitant, and enclosing them. Or dark is often used to give a formal and sophisticated feel, which works well in living and dining rooms.


Using a dark colour on a wall is a great opportunity to showcase art work or lighting fixture because it will give contrast and highlight your feature accent. With, the added darkness in a room, you may have to increase the wattage or overall lighting in a newly darkened room.


Tie it all Together

Tie the whole room together, with similar dark elements in other areas of the room, such as dark accented throw pillows. Remember contrasting colours will chop a room up, but used correctly can draw the eye to certain areas of the room, such as a bay window or dramatic fireplace.


Buyers Don’t Want Extra Work

Remember to use the dark colour sparingly if you are getting ready to sell. Many buyers see darkly painted room as an arduous chore to cover up with lighter paint if they were to purchase. (They will surely run scared if you have gone ahead and let your teenagers choose their own paint colours over the years, as we all know how that usually ends up.)


Feel free to contact a REALTOR® and ask their opinion before you start any renovations so you can be sure that you will be the best return on your investment.