Decorating Your Home For The Holidays When Selling

Decorating your Home for the Holidays

Are you worried about successfully selling your house while still enjoying the fast approaching holiday season? Decorating your home for the holidays when selling, is possible when you know the steps to take to stage your home to catch the eyes of potential buyers, but still allow you to enjoy your Christmas traditions. This post will give you the key points to sell your home this holiday season! The holidays are a special time, and every family celebrates their traditions differently, so you want to keep your space as neutral as possible. Doing this helps buyers imagine their own personal items in the room.

Keep the Holiday Home Decorating Simple 

Less is always more. Keeping your space simple, the colour pallet neutral, tucking away any personal items and accentuating the unique aspects of your home is always highly attractive to potential homeowners. Have an antique mantlepiece? String some garland with accents like gold and deep reds to bring some warmth. Have high ceilings and are used to searching with your family for the biggest tree on the lot? Finding a tall tree will accentuate your high ceilings, however, a wide tree will take away space from your room. Just remember that your cute singing and dancing Santa may be considered tacky to someone else. 

Tips for Decorating During the Holidays While Selling

Don’t Let Your Decorating Look Cluttered 

Decluttering your home before the holidays and before selling is essential. Making your home look as spacious as possible never goes unnoticed by buyers and by decluttering you are forcing buyers to look at the room and not the stuff in it. Overdecorating can tend to make a room feel crowded and small. 

Decorating During the Holidays While Selling

Simple Holiday Decor Ideas

Don’t know where to start? Here are some simple holiday decor idea. Some that you could even find in your backyard or closet! Keeping it as generic as possible is always a safe bet as you don’t want to force your traditions or religious beliefs on any potential buyer. You want the decor to be warm and welcoming

  • For exterior lighting, stay away from coloured lights and lean more towards the warm whites
  • Add a wreath to the front door for added curb appeal
  • A bowl of pinecones on the coffee table
  • A cozy throw blanket draped on the end of the bed
  • Classy garland on the handrail of your staircase

Here are a few more tips from HGTV for Holiday decor