How COVID’s 3rd Wave is Affecting Nova Scotia Buyers and Sellers

Nova Scotia is currently engulfed in the third wave of the COVID 19 virus, breaking daily infection numbers from the first wave. Therefore, the Nova Scotia Government has implemented strict measures for the public and businesses to stop the spread. 

When it comes to the housing market, the measures implemented are having a bigger impact during this wave than the first. 

During the first wave, REALTORs® were required to have all parties sign a COVID declaration form as well as limit the number of people viewing, sanitize hands and surfaces, along with wearing and mask and social distancing. There were many buyers from out of province buying properties sight unseen and then doing their 14-day quarantine at their new home once they arrive. 

NS’s Dr. Strang

The third wave measures are a lot stricter this time around and restrictive to what buyers, sellers, and REALTORs® are allowed to do during this lockdown. Only essential home buying and selling are allowed a the moment. Essential is being defined as those who need to purchase due to non-negotiable lease termination or if a home-owner is at risk of owning two properties.

Even if this may be the situation, buyers and REALTORS are not allowed to travel outside of their community, so viewings must be done virtually or by the being referred to another agent to facilitate the viewing of who is from the community where the property is the buyer wants to view. 

Buyers who have made or want to purchase away must apply to be approved to travel to Nova Scotia, at least until the end of the month. It will be the Province of Nova Scotia that will either approve or deny entry into the province.