Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Grand Pre Church, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Grand Pre Church, Nova Scotia

Minas Basin, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Minas Basin, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Apple Blossom, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Apple Blossom Festival, Annapolis Valley

Agricultural lands, Kings County, Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia

Fertile Lands of Annapolis Valley






Canada’s wine country, the Annapolis Valley sits on the southern edge of the Bay of Fundy. It is a lush country full of friendly people, beautiful sights, and fascinating history.

The valley measures approximately 126 kilometres along the corridor of Digby and the Annapolis Basin in the west to Wolfville and the Minas Basin in the east, spanning DigbyAnnapolis and Kings counties.

The Valley has been built on a diverse agricultural industry, ranging from livestock to fruit trees and berries. Due to the climate and soil conditions, the last 25 years has also seen the development of a wine industry, with such notable wineries as Gaspereau Vineyards winning national and international awards for their produce.

In Nova Scotia favour unique and distinctive grape varietals are able to be grown, from L’Acadie Blanc, Seyval Blanc, Lucie Kuhlmann, New York Muscat, to the Baco Noir. The Tidal Bay compellation wine has become on of Nova Scotia’s signature wines along with the world-renowned Nova 7 by Benjamin Bridge

map of Annapolis Valley

Annapolis Valley Region

Major employers of the area are the Michelin tire manufacturing plant in Waterville, Annapolis Valley Regional, and the Department of National Defense whereas it has largest air force base in Atlantic Canada located at CFB Greenwood along with an important training facility at Camp Aldershot, north of Kentville.

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