8 Tips When Choosing a Realtor®

  • Tips for Choosing a Realtor®

    Tips for Choosing a Realtor®

    Ask friends and family to recommend a Realtor® they have worked with and have had a positive result and experience.

  • Google Realtors® online and view their social media profiles for a better understanding of their online activity and digital marketing presence
  • Interview several Realtors®; Discuss your property and what your expectations are.
  • Ask about the Realtors® qualifications (experience, education, additional skills).
  • Request from the NS Real Estate Commission for a discipline history of a the Realtor®.
  • Request a written service and fee proposal.
  • Ask for and check references, read testimonials from the Realtors® past clients.
  • Discuss and agree the services and fee before signing anything.