8 Positives of Using a Realtor®

Benefits of Using a Realtor®

Benefits of Using a Realtor®

~ You may not be able to be available to accommodate all showing requests yourself, for example if you are away or at work. If home buyers are on a house hunting trip, they have a pretty tight viewing schedule and will most likely be during the week day. Buyers are also more comfortable viewing a property without the homeowners there.

~ Showing and selling your property yourself, you may get emotionally invested. “Overselling ” your property could end up misleading potential buyer and could result in a lawsuit.

~ Inexperience in selling process may leave you at a disadvantage when negotiating directly with buyer. Some buyers can be aggressive and pushy and unless you know your rights and the real estate market than you could be taken advantage of during negotiations. A Realtor® will be serving you, expressing your needs and wants back and forth to the buyer acting as a protective buffer.

~ Experienced agents will have access to various marketing platforms, not just Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Along with individual agent websites, social media followers, agents often have large networks of fellow Realtors and contacts across the globe. The greater the exposure, the greater number of buyers that can be reached thus increasing your opportunities for a higher sale price.

~ Many buyers will be already working with a Realtor® so these Realtors® would expect a you to sign a fee agreement of 2.5-3% + HST before they will bring their buyer to view your property. So, if the Buyer has an Realtor guiding them through the buying process, would it not be worth an extra 2.5% to have someone looking out of you?

~ Realtors® are required to take certain courses annually in order to keep their license, so a Realtor should have the latest education of any changes in the real estate market and along with the experience of potentially selling 100s of properties, then that agent would have 100s of different scenarios to draw experience from.

~ Nova Scotia Realtors® are governed by the Nova Scotia Real Estate Trading Act, and the Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission which is in place to protect the general public.

~ Some agents will only show for sale by owner properties as a last resort over listings that are listed with another agent, because commission is already in place and guaranteed, whereas commission has to be negotiated prior to viewing with the sellers of, for sale by owner properties.

~ Price it right, it will sell overnight!