3 Ways Home Buying is Like Marriage

In my past career as a wedding photographer, I would see many aspects and behind the scenes of the big day. Fast forward to my past 15 years as a Realtor®, I find myself relating to my clients correlations between real estate and getting married.

  1. The wedding dress sets the tone for whole wedding. If the wedding dress is crazy expensive and elaborate, then the rest of the wedding needs to be of the same quality and taste. Distribute your wedding budget with that in mind. Nothing with disappoint guests more than seeing the bride dressed to the nines and then receiving a potato salad plate for dinner. This rule applies as well to getting your home ready to sell. Yes, kitchen renovations will give you the highest return of investment, but you still need to budget accordingly so that you do not overlook other necessary renos. Nothing will save a showing of your home with your newly renovated kitchen, with granite countertops and high end fixtures and appliances, if you have an out dated bathroom, damaged trim, or miss matched flooring. you will be father ahead to do a lower end reno of the kitchen and spread the budget around.
  2. Curb side appeal is key. You want to appeal to the buyers enough to get them in the door. Trim those bushes, level out the walk way, add plants that give colours and inviting smells around the entry way. Keep in mind, once the buyer becomes interested, the seller is obligated to declare any material latent defects; that they know of.  A home inspection is always recommended before the Buyer declares they are satisfied with conditions and the deal becomes firm and binding. The seller is also required to have the septic pumped prior to closing, unless otherwise stated in the purchase and sale agreement, so that the Buyer knows its not full of excrement, when they take possession.
  3. There is a 50/50 chance that this will not be your last house. I talk often about looking for a home with good resale value, and opting for ones that are good investments. But I hear time and time again, when purchasing a house, Buyers say, ” Oh no, we don’t plan on moving”, or “we can live with that”. Life changes, needs change, families change and that is not necessarily a bad thing, I just always recommend keeping the mind/ option/ door open.