3 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Sell

Leaving your family home can be painful, but, there are a few things to keep in mind before you sell that can make it a little less traumatic. In this video, I have a few tips that will allow you to embrace and start enjoying your new adventure in your new home.

Most of us over the age of 19 have experienced moving at least once in our lives. Moving often comes with a major life change, and often that change is a result of a painful situation such as divorce, death, or debt.

dawn magee BlogThese changes often compound the stress level because the sellers feel like they are losing control of their life. The house and its contents represent a tangible item for them to hold on to and it can be very hard to let go.

Even if sellers are making changes due to positive life events such as job promotions or a growing family, it still can be an emotional time. Leaving behind the home that started the everything is hard, but keep in mind those memories will move with you.

As mentioned, there are 3 things to keep in mind before you sell.

Whatever the life change is try not to make any rash decisions!

Take the time to adjust to the life change before making any decisions. Whether you lost a loved one, a loved one has moved out. Your life is changing in many ways, let yourself come to terms with one thing before you tackle another.

Give yourself time to adjust to the new situation before deciding whether you should move on yourself.

Second, be sure and ask for help. The moving process can be daunting and overwhelming for people, so do not be shy about asking for help with the decision making or decluttering.

Thirdly, go easy on yourself. Again, moving can be an emotional time. Do not be critical of yourself if you are having a hard time or taking a longer time making decisions.

So here are the tips you have been waiting for and that will make those decision for clear detaching easier.

Start by referring to the property you are moving from as “the house” and the place you are moving to as “home”. Talk to your realtor or research the best return on investments when making improvements to your property. This will help you start thinking of it as a commodity or product and thus reducing any personal attachment

The act of decluttering  will help start the detaching process. Going through mementos, reliving the memories they hold and then processing what to do with those memories helps to compartmentalizes which memories you will bring with you and which ones to let go of. It’s the mementos that you put into packing boxes that signify that memories of loved ones are not part of the house but part of us. See my article 9 Steps to Decluttering before you Sell

Lastly, when reliving the memories are you are decluttering, and packing things up, be sure to document what you and your family loved about the property and how you used it over the years.

For example, this area of the yard was great for this or “When we had gatherings, this is how we did that.” Get excited for the new owners and the joy you know they will get out of the property helps to pass the torch.

In turn, it will then get you excited about the potential new memories to be made in your new abode.

If you have any questions, just post them in the comment section or contact me through my website link below. I love talking real estate!


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