#1 Thing to Know About Choosing a REALTOR®

Nova Scotia Realtors

Choosing a Realtor

A vast majority of buyers believe that they need to contact the Realtor® that is shown on the property’s for sale sign. The Realtor® on the lawn sign has a signed contract to represent the Seller. They are working for the Seller and protecting their interests. If you contact the Seller’s Realtor® to show you the property and then want to make an offer on that property, through that Realtor®, then that Realtor® would have to get both you and their Seller to sign a new agreement allowing that Realtor to represent you both, but at a reduced capacity. They can act as a facilitator, but they would not be allow to offer their opinion or advice to either you or the Seller.

If you know another Realtor® or have had one referred to you, you should ask that Realtor® to book and show you that property. They can get any information about the property that you need if it comes to making a decision about writing an offer. This Realtor® would be working for you and representing your interests. You will be asked to sign a Buyers Agreement, that shows that this Realtor® is representing you. Having this Agreement signed would also give your Realtor® the ability to approach properties being sold privately or not through MLS. If you are a first time home buyer, it is important to have your own Realtor® who you can have confidence in, rely on to ask any questions to, or ask their opinion of because the home buying process is so new to you.